About LTRC Football

LTRC youth football exists for the following purpose:

“To provide an atmosphere for children to learn about the game of football, sportsmanship, self-discipline, responsibility, teamwork, trust, honesty and personal achievement. We will accomplish this by providing a teaching environment that promotes fun and safety first while challenging the children to always try their very best and accept the results of that effort.”

Our football program plays in the Upper Chesapeake Youth Football League. We currently field teams in the 6-U, 7 -U Clinic, 8-U, 9-U, 10-U, 11-U, 12-U and 14-U divisions. When numbers permit, we will field multiple teams at a given age division. Registration starts around April 1st. Placement at each age division is based on the child’s age only. The cut-off date for age determination is the age of the child on August 1st for all age levels. There are no weight restrictions for players in any of the age groups.


In Order to comply with league rules and to put each kid into the best situation to be successful, players will be placed in the youngest age division in which they are eligible to play.

The LTRC football program is a travel program. Our teams play teams from other recreation councils in Harford, Baltimore and Cecil Counties. We play approximately 8 -9 games a season (not including playoffs) with half of our games at our home field of Seminary Park and the other half at the home field of the other recreation councils. Typically the travel time to the other fields is minimal (30-40 minutes or less). The season runs until early to mid November.

All of the age divisions except for the 6-U and 7-U Clinic are competitive. Meaning the score of the games are kept, referees are present, there is a winner and a loser, records are kept, there is a playoff system and a championship. Most of the teams play in accordance with the High School Federation rules except where modified by our league rules. Our complete rule book is located on this website under the “UCYFL League Rules” tab.

The 6-U and 7-U age divisions are clinic however, the clinic is full contact and the kids are fully padded including helmets. Time is taken by coaches on both sides to explain to the players rules and certain techniques in playing the game (ex: blocking and tackling). There are no playoffs, scores are not kept and records are not maintained.

All equipment excluding cleats, a protective cup and a practice jersey are provided by LTRC football. That includes game pants, game jerseys, practice pants, helmets, shoulder pads, pant’s pads and mouth pieces. This equipment is included in the price of registration. It is issued prior to the first practice and must be returned to LTRC at the conclusion of the season.

Practice for LTRC youth football typically begins around August 1st. The 8-U thru 14-U teams practice 4 nights during the weekdays in the evenings during the month of August. The 6-U and 7-U clinic teams practice 2 -3 nights during the weekdays during the month of August. Once the season starts (around the last Saturday in August) we practice anywhere from 2-3 nights per week.  Games are on Friday nights or Saturdays at varying times.

Our program can not maintain its continued success without volunteers. We are always in need of volunteers to help with coaching, administration, fundraising and team mom’s. If you are interested in volunteering your time, please contact me or someone else involved with the program.

If you have any questions or would like some additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


LTRC Youth Football